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Causes & Definition

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Taking Action

Climate Change Action

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The Climate Action Project

Climate change is the most daunting environmental challenge that our world is facing. In the next decade, the future is going to look very different and it is essential that young people are given the opportunity to understand global warming and its impacts, how to mitigate its effects, and innovate climate smart solutions in order to shape a green world with green jobs for themselves.

The “Climate Action Project” (CAP), is an initiative by the UN, WWF & NASA to save the planet. It is also supported by Dr. Jane Goodall, The UN Foundation, the Irish President, governments in 15 countries , and many other public figures and world leaders. During the past years it was featured by National Geographic, BBC and 40 other national media companies. It is a student-centred international online platform that aims to lead to a change of behaviour through education. Youngsters across 6 continents are connecting virtually to solve the world's most pressing challenge.

The Vice Principal, Dr. Namita Agrawal, introduced this project to the school in September 2020 where staff members or students could volunteer to be part of this drive if they wished. Within a couple of days there were about 300 students and 30 teachers from IIS Pune who registered themselves for this project. There were many parents too who expressed their keen interest for the same. Starting 28th September 2020, the staff and students started collaborating on climate change topics. During the next 6 weeks studied causes and effects and tried to solve world issues and take action.

Team & Leaders - Eco-Eagles

Dr Namita Agrawal

Project Lead Teacher

Ms Harsimaran Kapany

Project Lead Teacher

Ved Sanyal

MYP Project Lead

Bhavye Mathur

MYP Project Lead

Srisha Rewatkar

DP Project Lead

Simran Jadhav

DP Project Lead
Rayna Arora
Aaryan Choudhary
Abiya Syed
Aditya Nagarajan
Aparajita Singh
Arghya Patil
Darsh Bakshi
Haaziq Kazi
Sarthak Sangare
Shreya Gautum
Aariya Natu
Aadit Karve

The Climate Action Project