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The Carbon Footprint Reduction Project

“We the Indus community pledge to reduce our carbon footprint by 60%”, was our motto that we aimed to follow whole heartedly whilst we worked as a team to logically reduce our school’s carbon footprint. We decided to develop a quintessential system that would serve as the fastest and yet most efficacious way to convert our pledge into reality.

What is expected from every member of the CFR team? We divided our team into two halves, a solutions and an awareness team wherein several long term and short term solutions were derived as potential ways to add to the reduction of the school’s carbon footprint including solar panels, motion based lighting etc…

The awareness team used other such creative means to involve other people from our school into the project which went hand in hand with the data calculation that rendered stipulated evidence about the factors that caused an increase in the school’s carbon footprint so we could implement the solutions to reduce it sequentially.

As a team, we aim to diligently execute our pledge and given the constraints we have had the greatest times learning new things from this project and can all share our triumph over the progress we made and expect the most rewarding outcomes at the end…

CFR Pledge

"We, the Indus community pledge to reduce our Carbon Footprint by 60%" by reducing consumption and implementing innovative solutions

Team & Leaders - CFR Project

Ved Sanyal

Project Lead

Bhavye Mathur

Project Lead

Rayna Arora

Solutions Team Head

Ms Shalaka Nagarkar

Mentor, I&S Facilitator

Ms Preeti Prabhu

Chief Philosophy Officer

Mr Shirish Ganu

Expert Mentor, Grenesynth
Abiya Syed
Haaziq Kazi
Darsh Bakshi
Aaryan Choudhary
Saanvi Trivedi
Aparajita Singh
Siddhant Pandit
Ameya Adkar

Carbon Footprint Reduction Project

Carbon Footprint Data

Carbon Footprint Share at IISP
We started the projet by creating a custom carbon footprint calculator tailored to the needs of the school and the project.

Based on primary and secondary data collected by the team, we were able to identify areas where solutions to reduce our carbon footprint would be most effective.
Water & Electricity Usage Over Time
Here are 2 graphs which show the use of water (drinking & from tankers) and electricity at IISP.

By analysing the usage and computing the carbon footprint of these factors, we can see that electricity holds a large share in the total Carbon Footprint (37.2%) and is the most important to reduce.

Water on the other hand is far less important and so solutions for it are less important